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QINGDAO LANDSPIDER TIRE CORP., LTD is committed to bring a more comfortable and safe driving life to every customer by designing and manufacturing...
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    With rapid growth for more than 7 years, Landspider Group has become one of the most professional tire suppliers in China. Our global marketing network covers over 150 countries and regions with a total turnover of 120 million US Dollars during year 2018, and aiming for 180 million US Dollars in year 2019.
    With a clear intention to become a strong player in the US market, Landspider decided to establish its US subsidiary in Los Angeles, California, which lies in one of the hearts of the modern US automotive industry.
    · Quality tires from Thailand produced by advanced equipment with high level of services;
    · Experienced professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of your needs;
    · US marketing department for your support;
    · Convenient logistic solutions available;

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    Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group was founded in 1986, who is the first factory to produce PCR tyres in Shandong province. Tracmax Tyre Co., Limited is built to develop Tracmax brand worldwide upon 100% exclusivity.
    Dedicating to create the world first class brand, Tracmax has successfully obtained China CCC, US DOT, EU E-mark, EU Regulation 117, Gulf Country GCC , Saudi Arabia SASO, Nigeria SONCAP, Brazil INMENTRO, Uruguay LATU, and other product certifications. Enjoying high popularity in over 100 countries, Tracmax provides wide ranges of PCR tyres, UHP tyres, SUV tyres, H/T tyres, A/T tyres, M/T tyres, VAN tyres, Snow tyres (with/without studs) and All Season tyres, currently over 800 sizes.
    "Wherever The Road Goes, There Goes Tracmax", with high quality, reasonable pricing and excellent service,we would like to be one of your best tyre suppliers and long term business partner.

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    WINDFORCE company was established in 2012, through unremitting team efforts and innovation, WINDFORCE has developed over 1200 tire sizes covering PCR, UHP, SUV, 4X4, VAN, WINTER, ALL SEASON, as well as RACING TYRES.
    WINDFORCE also has over 120 sizes for its TBR TYRES with full ranges covering steer, drive, trailer and all position wheel.
    In line with the vision of “building a professional tire company”, WINDFORCE has obtained various certificates including ISO9001, China CCC, US DOT, EU E-MARK,
    EU Regulation 117, Saudi Arabia SASO, Nigeria SONCAP, Uruguay LATU, India
    BIS, Brazil INMENTRO, etc....
    With the spirit of customer first, WINDFORCE has become a reliable brand focusing on quality products, and will continuously enhance
    its excellent services to all partners by our dedicated sales team .
    No adventure without risk, no driving without safeguarding. On the way to the future, WINDFORCE TYRE is always around you.

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    Tomason – Dynamic & Safety Tire from Germany
    Founded in Germany, Tomason has been active in the rim and tire market for over 20 years.
    When the first Tomason tire, the SportRace, was developed and launched in 2016, the feedback from customers was so overwhelming as it was always for Tomason Rim. We have been constantly developing new tires and designs ever since.
    TOMASON expresses dynamism, performance, passion and safety to all its customers!
    TOMASON delivers first-class design, great handling and reliability through its tire which covers a wide range of vehicle types - sports cars, VAN, SUV and commercial vehicles, from small to compact, middle class to luxury, with classic and mini designs from 12" as well as aggressive and superb designs up to 22".
    To provide high quality products at a fair price is the pursue of TOMASON. Thanks to our innovative design team, we are keeping pace with the trend, and will always be.
    At TOMASON, we stand united with our customers for a safer way forward.

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TRACMAX’s new studdble tyre X-PRIVILO S500 keeps a stable and safe driving performance even facing extremely icy road conditions. TRACMAX' s new studdble tyre X-PRIVILO S500 keeps a stable and safe driving performance even facing extremely icy road conditions. The newly upgraded patented rubber formula guarantees the softness of the tyres and effectively ensures that the driver and passengers can still experience the driving fun on snowy and icy winter roads with low temperature.

The high-density studs design - more than 50 studs/meter ensures the tyres' superior grip on icy and snowy roads.

The transverse groove design strengthens the drainage and driving performance on snowy and slushy road, and water surface.

The pattern design and serrated edge ensure the handling and stability performance.

Celebration of the Sales Exceeding $156 Million in the First Half of 2021

2021 is going to be a challenging year. The international shipping situation is tense, the sea freight and raw material prices have risen sharply, the whole industry is facing great challenges. However, with the unremitting efforts of all the employees, the sales in the first half of 2021 finally exceeded 156 million US dollars.


From 1921 to 2021, at the edge of the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the sales of Landspider Tire in the first half of the year broke through 156 million dollars.

To celebrate the remarkable achievement, enhance and strengthen the team cohesion, centripetal force, and company culture construction. In line with the sustainable development thesis, the company organizes all staff to visit the Jiangsu General Rubber factory and the great Taihu Lake view.