Qingdao TRACMAX Tyre Co., Ltd. Singapore Exhibition 2019


From March 19th to March 21st, 2019, Tracmax Tire Company participated in the three-day Singapore tire exhibition with brand-new products.

The Singapore Tire Show is quite a professional tire show especially in Southeast Asia. Exhibitors are among the world's most popular tire manufacturers. Over the years, the Singapore Tire Show has provided a professional supply and marketing platform for Southeast Asia and even the surrounding areas. The importance is second to none in this region.

The Tracmax team was fully prepared for the show and brought new products. In terms of PCR, the TX series brings the most popular TX3 pattern and RS01+ pattern. The TBR also brings a new combination of front and rear wheels: GRT800 and GRT88.

These new products are the result of a long-term market survey by the Tracmax team, which represents the latest market demand and direction, and shows that the Tracmax team has the strength to provide tire solutions that meet market needs. In fact, providing valuable tire product solutions based on market demand has always been the direction of the Tracmax team.

The results of this tire show are quite satisfied. Tracmax has won the favor of a lot of Southeast Asian customers with its popular patterns and first-class appearance. Even Middle East and South America customers who come from afar showed great interests in our new products.

As an influential Chinese tire brand, Tracmax has the confidence to bring more competitive products and services to the market. Tire dealers around the world are warmly welcomed to contact us.

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